Caper Glass Creations is a partnership of the truest sense; Marg and Bonnie MacNeil are not only a creative collaboration but they are also sisters.

The passion and creativety behind Caper Glass Creations began over five years ago when Marg and Bonnie took up the hobby of stained glass. They truly enjoyed making stained glass pieces and seeing them come to life, so to speak.  Family, friends and colleagues were drawn to their work and very quickly the sisters discovered that there was a demand for their unique pieces of art in the marketplace. At this point, Bonnie formed a company under the name "Paned Expressions".

During the early years, Bonnie and Marg explored the world of fused glass production and wanted to add this type of artistry to their current product offerings.  Several years ago, they had spent time with people who were interested in learning fused glass techniques and kiln working. This led to the realization that there was more to this art technique than meets the eye and next to impossible for each sister to undertake both glass techniques. This is when Marg decided to specialize in fused glass and Bonnie decided to focus on stained glass. As a result, a new business partnership was formed, Caper Glass Creations. Today, Caper Glass Creations sells a variety of giftware, tableware and commercial items including pendants, games, bowls, platters, glass panel inserts, door knobs and pulls.


Born in Cape Breton, Marg recently retired from a 26 year career in the corporate world, with many of those years spent in a management capacity, which has given her a solid foundation in her daily business practices. She is devoted to working full-time with Caper Glass Creations and the development of the business. Marg has been securing sales to date and has established channels for distribution which include wholesale and retail trade.

Born in Cape Breton, Bonnie started the business which has evolved into Caper Glass Creations. She currently works part time in the business and is looking forward to the day that Caper Glass Creations becomes her full time passion.

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